Cool Haircuts for Men

Hair care for men isn’t talked about enough and we aren’t sure why. Men have hair, maybe not the amount that women do, but men’s hair is still subject to the efforts and annoyances that women’s hair experiences. Men’s hairstyles can be much more than just a buzz cut, and we are going to talk about a few haircuts for men that are great-looking while also great for staying cool this summer.

Good haircuts for men need to be easy, functional, and reliable. That’s why a great cut is essential. With a low maintenance hairstyle, men can feel confident while not spending too much time on their hair.

Cool haircuts for guys can vary, but these are the most trending hot, but cool, hairstyles:

1. Short textured undercut with fade– This is a great way to keep cool during the summer while not letting all of one’s hair go. The looser fringe on the top of the head can be smoothed over for more professional events or for work, or it can be left natural to give a tousled and relaxed look. The gradual fade up also adds a design element for interest.

2. Medium length side part – The key to this suave haircut is the swept back look on all sides. By using a medium strength pomade and just running your fingers through your hair, you create a look that can be professional or casual while opening up the follicles to breathe better during the summer heat.

3. Side pompadour – This is a great haircut for men who prefer to look more polished and don’t mind spending a little more time getting ready in the morning. A strong gel or pomade will sweep this haircut into the perfect shape and make you look like a classic gentleman all day long. Its short sides also mean that it’s a cool men’s haircut.

4. Mohawk – This look isn’t just for skater boys or rockers anymore; more men have been spotted wearing mohawks in 2018. The mohawk is a well-known image and can be more intense or calmer depending on how you style it. It is an easier haircut to handle and one of the cooler ones due to the higher cuts on the side. You can really take liberty with buzzed or faded sides. It all depends on your tastes.

5. Curly undercut – this is a great option for men with curly or wavy hair that they love, but just need to cut down because of that summer heat. You keep a crop of curls on the top of the head that you can persuade into shape, leaving the sides of your head free to feel the breeze.

6. Classic short with a fade – The classic men’s short haircut will never get old, but you can spice it up by adding a gradual or strong fade on the sides and back. Plus, leaving the front just a tad longer will give you more freedom with different styles. You can’t go wrong with classic styles.

Getting the right haircut can be difficult if you aren’t sure about what you want, aside from wanting shorter, more comfortable hair for the summer. This can be remedied by choosing a few inspirational photos of styles that you like and bringing them into the Blu Salon stylist. Our stylist will work one-on-one with you to address the texture of your hair, your needs and meet your expectations in a haircut.  Our team of stylists is extremely professional and knowledgeable providing haircuts for men.

If you are already over this heat this summer and need to get a haircut that will keep you cool, but trendy, please contact Blu Salon so we can schedule an appointment for you!  Our trendy salon is located on the Hudson River, in Edgewater, NJ in Bergen County.