Looking for The Best Microblading in Bergen County NJ?

Microblading is a somewhat new beauty trend that is used to shape the eyebrows. Your eyebrows help to frame the area around your eyes and help accentuate the shape of your face. If you’re thinking about getting microblading eyebrows services, the Blu Salon team is happy to serve you. Here are a few things you should know about microblading to ensure you’re happy with the results.

What Exactly Is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent process that makes your brows look thicker and fuller. Beauty professionals often refer to microblading as a type of eyebrow architecture. The brows are shaped according to your face structure. This means the process is customized for every client.

To achieve precision, a pen-shaped tool is used. The nib of the tool is actually a sloped blade that has 10-12 needles on its end. The needles don’t fully penetrate the skin. Instead, the scratch the skin’s surface, similar to a paper cut. The needle is used to implant the eyebrow area with medical grade dye. The pigment settles on the epidermis. This creates the look of fine hair strokes that look similar to eyebrow hair. Saline solution can also be used to remove microblading pigment; this is not the case with eyebrow tattooing.

The Microblading Process

The brows are shaped, usually by threading. The eyebrow area is then cleaned and prepped for microblading. The eyebrows are then numbed. This process takes about 40 minutes and involves a topical ointment. While the ointment is settling on the skin, your microblading expert will likely show you color swatches. This will give you time to discuss the color that is best. About 10 minutes before the numbing ointment has taken full effect, the specialist will use tools to measure the brow area. The measuring tools help to establish symmetry. This allows the technician to take your facial features and shape into account.

After the brows and face are measured, the needling process begins. The pigment is gently implanted into the skin using light strokes. Every stroke creates a superficial line on the top layer of skin so the pigment settles into the skin around the eyebrows. If you feel any discomfort, let your technician know. He/she will apply more numbing cream, which should take effect in about five minutes.

One last layer of pigment is applied to the brows. This stays on for five minutes. The brow area is then cleaned and the process is complete. In about six weeks, you’ll need to visit your technician again for a top-up session. Any gaps are filled in at the top up session. The faded pigment is also enhanced during the session.

Microblading vs. Eyebrow Tattooing

Microblading is not on the deepest layer of the skin. The process only involves the surface of the skin. Microblading is also not permanent; the color will fade in about 18 months. The hair strokes for microblading are more natural than tattooed eyebrows. This is because a handheld needle or blade is used for the process. Tattooing requires an electric device that goes deep into the skin. So, you’re likely to hear a scratching noise during microblading, as opposed to the buzz of a tattoo needle. Eyebrow tattooing is permanent for the most part. However, it’s hard to reverse the shape of eyebrow tattoos, even if the tattoo is a few years old.

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