Sculpted Nails, Acrylic Nails Difference

Maintaining beautiful nails is a priority for many women and men. Some customers also want to keep up with the latest trends in nail care and nail art. Acrylic nails have been around for some time. However, there are new techniques used that improve the look of acrylic nails and make the nails last longer. Sculpted nails are another option for your manicure. However, there are differences between the two methods that you should know about before making your appointment.

Difference Between Acrylic and Sculptured Nails

Both acrylic and sculpted nails usually start with an acrylic base. If you want acrylic nails, the nail artist will usually glue a nail tip to your natural nails. Then, acrylic is applied to your natural nail and the nail tip and shaped. You can also let the nail artist know whether you’d like the tip cut for shorter nails. The result is a nail structure that can be filed or shaped to your desired length. Acrylic nails are safe and practical for everyday use, and keep your manicure neat and uniform. If you don’t want a nail tip adhered to your natural nails, you can ask for an acrylic overlay. This is when acrylic powder or gel is applied to your natural nail only. The acrylic makes your nails stronger and firmer.

Sculptured nails are applied similarly. However, sculptured nails have more of an eye-catching shape to them. You can also ask your nail tech for customized shapes based on your style.

What Are Sculptured Acrylic Nails?

Sculptured nails are acrylic based nails that form into a specific shape. You can choose the shape you want, and the nail artist will create it. For instance, if you want coffin-shaped nails or prefer that your nails look rounded, your nail artist can do this for you.

First, the acrylic base is applied, so that the nail will stay attached to your finger and natural nail. Then the tip of the nail is built to your desired shape. Acrylic powder or gel is used to do this. The sculptured part of the nail will usually be thicker than regular acrylic nails. This is because a considerable amount of acrylic or gel is needed to create the nail shape. Sculpted nails are also free form, which means they may not look uniform. However, if you want one or two nails on each hand to stand out, sculpted nails are a perfect choice.

Sculptured Nail Designs and Acrylic Nail Designs

Once your nails have been shaped the way you want, you can choose designs to customize your manicure further. The designs can range from patterns on your nails to 3D elements being added to your manicure. Since both types of nails usually have an acrylic base, your nail tech can use polish and a variety of tools to design your nails. Polka dots, flowers, paisley, and even letters can be drawn onto your nails. You can also add pearls, small trinkets or charms to your nails. Your nail tech can attach these design elements will strong glue that adheres to acrylic well.

Blu Salon offers a variety of nail services to keep your hands looking their best. Our professional nail technicians know which techniques are necessary for a beautiful manicure. We consider your unique style and provide nail designs that help you express your personality. We use the best materials and products to keep your nails healthy and make you feel pampered. For more information on sculpted and acrylic nail services, contact the Blu Salon a premier nail salon, Edgewater, NJ for more information or to set up an appointment.