Dyeing Your Hair Red

It’s a great time to be a red-head. Women everywhere are ditching the natural look in favor of something more daring, perhaps inspired by celebrities such as Rihanna, Isla Fisher, and Christina Hendricks. Red hair can look fantastic if done right. Here we list a few items to consider such as cost and upkeep of red dye. We also explain a DIY job vs going to a professional hair colorist.

DIY vs Prof. Hair Colorist

The first decision you need to make is whether to opt for a salon appointment or a do-it-yourself home hair coloring. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The salon dye will no doubt be more professional. You will have access to better, stronger colors that may last longer. It will be important to make the hairdresser understand the result that you are hoping for. Be sure to take along a picture of your chosen color, and bear in mind the effect of the salon’s lighting. A professional hair salon colorist will know that what might look wonderful under carefully chosen spotlights can look garish or unflattering in natural daylight. A box of red dye hair color is definitely cheaper but bear in mind of the difference in results.

Although home dyes are more budget-friendly, they do have their disadvantages. First, due to regulations that prevent companies from selling strong chemicals for home use, the colors will not be as strong or effective as the ones that qualified hairdressers can use. Also, the color guides on the boxes are well known to be misleading. Much depends on your hair type, condition, and natural color, so without the advice of a professional, it can be very difficult to get an accurate idea of your color results. However, many brands now offer semi-permanent versions of their dyes, allowing you to get an idea of the color before committing yourself to a permanent dye. Another important consideration is the application. Struggling to apply dye to awkward areas can often result in patchy, uneven color – one of the main problems with home dye.


The upkeep of a red dye hair coloring should not be underestimated. Roots will show through in as little as three weeks and can seriously spoil the overall effect. However, many salons now offer a root dye for a fraction of the cost of a full-head color. Yout salon hair colorist could try a subtler shade of red that simply adds a little warmth to your natural color. This way, the root re-growth won’t be too noticeable, and you’ll be sure to have a color that suits your skin tone.

If a bright, striking red is what you’re going for, be prepared for regular dye sessions. Red fades faster than any other hair color, and after a few washes, you’ll be wondering where your color has gone. Solving this problem by dyeing your hair frequently with permanent dye is not recommended, as the chemicals will cause lasting damage. A professional hair colorist will know about the gentler semi-permanent dyes to refresh the color in between your permanent dyes. Alternatively, they are knowledgeable to share with you the best protection products while washing your hair. The main culprit for color fade is sunlight. Be sure to wear a hat if you are out in bright sun, or your dye will last no time at all.

Variety of shades

Just like blonde and brunette dyes, reds come in a wide variety of shades. Not all of them will be suitable for you. The two main decisions that you need to make are how dark you want to be and which type of red will suit you. With the depth of color, it is advisable to start with a red version of your natural color. So, if you are blonde, look at strawberry or golden blonde shades. People with very dark hair may struggle to achieve a strong red tone and will have to choose between a subtle, warm version of their own color, or go for pre-lightening before adding a red shade.

Many women are confused by the different types of red, especially when the companies insist on giving them all different names. However, reds work on the same warm/cool basis as other colors. Anything on the ‘blue’ side of red is cool, and will generally have words like mahogany, berry or burgundy in their description. Warm reds tend to be more ‘orange’ and will have names like Auburn, copper or gold. However, if you have any pink or red tones in your skin be very careful – red shades will often make these more noticeable.

What’s Next

So you’ve decided on a shade, are prepared for the upkeep and can afford the cost. What’s next? You have made a good choice. Red is a fantastic color for many women. With hair color, this striking and beautiful, your confidence will be boosted and you’ll wonder why you didn’t dye your hair years ago. All that’s left to do now is enjoy the new you.

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