Curly Hair Care

How to take care of curly hair naturally can be a tricky adventure especially when you are the only one with curly hair in your family. Without guidance from veteran curly-haired family members, you can mess up your hair in a bad way. Whether you have soft beach waves or coil curls, taking care of curly hair is important to the look and health of your hair.

Here’s what to expect for a daily curly hair care routine:

  • Wet Brushing – Have you ever brushed your curly hair only to find that it’s become a huge frizzy mess that’s worse than when you began? That’s because when you brush your hair, it separates every single strand of hair from its naturally formed curls, which makes each strand take up its own space and spread out. You should only comb or brush your hair when it is wet in the shower. Once you step out of the shower, put the brush down and back away.
  • Shampooing – You do not have to shampoo every day. Curls form much more naturally by utilizing the oils that naturally occur in your hair. That means choosing the right curly hair products.
  • Refreshing – Since you aren’t using shampoo every day, refreshing your curls is essential in maintaining a beautiful look and taming frizz.

Routine care for curly hair is important to cut out frizz and bushiness. Using the right products in your hair can completely change the look, manageability, and smoothness of your hair. Here are some curly hair care tips and tricks regarding picking the right products.

  • No silicones – Reading the long list of ingredients can be confusing, but the only silicones curly haired people should use are water soluble ones. Here is a product ingredient guide which will help you identify which products are water soluble. When in doubt though, just go without.
  • No waxes – Waxes end up coating the hair strands to make them appear smooth and shiny, just like silicones do. However, it’s not worth it to use waxes because they can leave your hair lacking nutrition and you won’t be able to tell if the hair is truly healthy.
  • No sulfates – Sulfates strip hair follicles of all oils, dirt, and sweat which is good thing mostly, except it also strips the naturally occurring oils that help tame and shape your wonderful locks. Skip the sulfates next time you buy.

The right hair care salon can be a difficult choice for people with curly hair because not all hair stylists are comfortable with or have the knowledge of how to cut curly hair. In many cases, it is best to cut curls when the hair is dry because of the intricate patterns they have and the unique way each curly head of hair acts. Treating a curly head like someone with straight hair isn’t always a good idea and can leave you with a botched cut.

The best way to find a curly hair stylist is by asking your curly friends! Looking up “Deva” stylists can also help you in your quest to find the best curly stylist, just remember to tip!

Curly hair salons are very rare because of the varying, peculiar nature of curls or a stylist’s refusal to cut in a way she isn’t comfortable with.  Here at Blu Salon, we can ensure that your stylist is knowledgeable and experienced in cutting and styling curly hair, your hair will remain soft and intact once you leave, and the products we use and recommend will be safe and nourishing for your hair.

If you are ready for a cut you will love for your curly hair, don’t hesitate to contact Blu Salon and schedule an appointment with our hair stylists. Our hair salon is located in Edgewater, NJ, in Bergen County and on the Hudson River.