Frosting Hair vs Highlighting Hair

Have you been searching for a new look in terms of coloring your hair? Do you not want to add color to all your strands, frosting and highlighting and looking for more options. The technique you choose depends on how defined or natural you want the color to be. There are also complimenting treatments that you can add to your new style so that the color enhances your hair and skin tone. Here are a few frosting hair color ideas and types of hair highlights to consider before making your appointment with a professional stylist.

What Is Frosting?

Frosting the hair gives it a salt and pepper look, which makes the color blend with your hair seamlessly. During the frosting process, some of your strands are bleached. Many of the strands next to the treated hair are left untouched. This combines your natural hair color with the frosted color, which helps to lift the overall color of your coif. Your stylist may separate your hair in small groups of strands and apply the frosting color to the strands that are lifted from the rest of the hair using a plastic cap with lots of small holes. The hair that will be frosted is pulled through the holes, so the color can be applied to the right places. Or, your stylist may use the tin foil method, where the separated hair is placed in foil so that the color can be applied precisely. You can also opt for frosted hair tips. This is when the color is applied near the end of your strands to add a subtle color contrast. This is especially pronounced when you style your hair with lots of curls or volume.

What Is Highlighting?

Highlighting involves larger sections of hair. These sections are separated from larger portions of the hair and color. Color is applied to add more dimension to the hair. Highlights tend to be chunkier than frosted hair pieces and are much more defined, This is why some people choose to get highlights in the front of their hair; people often request the frosting method for all parts of the hair.

Streaking and Lowlights

If you decide to add color to your hair, your stylist may also talk to you about lowlights or streaking. Lowlights are often added to your highlights to keep the color from appearing too stark. This is especially true if your highlights are significantly lighter than your natural hair color. Lowlights can also be used to deepen the hue of your natural hair. Streaking is a more defined form of highlighting. Color is applied to a section of the hair in a bold stripe and doesn’t have to coordinate with your natural hair hue. Such as (i.e. pink or purple streaks in brown or blonde hair).

Consult with your stylist to find the hair coloring techniques that will work best for you based on the color of your hair. The overall look you’re going for, and the coloring effect you want to achieve need to be considered.

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