Practical Tips For Your Nail Care Routine

A great manicure is one of the most satisfying beauty treatments. Nails that are well taken care of can boost your confidence in your overall appearance. You can also customize your manicure to display the designs and colors that fit your personality. To keep your nails at their best, even between manicure appointments, keep these practical tips in mind for your nail care routine.

Effective Natural Nail Care Tips

Keep your hands clean. Dirt and debris can easily set into your nails and cause stains and breakage. When you’re changing your polish, use a remover that is free from acetone. This will keep your nails and cuticles clean without drying out your nails. You can even wet a toothbrush and apply mild soap to it to give your nails a deep clean. The brush also exfoliates the skin around the nails.

If you want to know how to take care of your cuticles, remember that gentle treatments are best. Don’t overuse metal tools on your cuticles. This will cause the nail plate to separate from your skin. Gently clean and scrub your cuticles with a mixture of oil and salt or sugar. This sloughs away dead skin cells while moisturizing the cuticle.

Retaining Nail Length

Knowing how to keep your nails long is essential to retain length. Simply trim them regularly. Nails can become weak and easy to break if they are not properly trimmed. Just like your hair needs a regular trim, nails thrive when they are properly maintained. Trimming and shaping your nails about every two weeks is best.

How Do You Strengthen Your Nails?

Taking vitamins for healthy nails is a great way to strengthen the nails and retain length. Antioxidant vitamins like A and E improve the look of nails. Biotin helps to make nails stronger and less brittle. Magnesium and calcium can contribute to overall nail health as well. If your nails get weaker as they grow, consider a shorter manicure style. You can also work with our nail care professionals to find tailored treatments. There are vitamin-enhanced polishes and powders that can be added to the nails for added strength and protection.

How Do You Repair Damaged Nails?

Keratin treatments can repair nails that are dry, brittle, or weak. The keratin works much the same way it does on hair strands. It conditions the nail and helps to renew it. Your nails will be firmer to the touch and have a renewed appearance after just one or two treatments. You can also boost your biotin intake to repair your nails. Biotin is a B vitamin that can be taken in liquid or pill form. It is found in most hair, skin and nail vitamins.

It’s also a good idea to drink lots of water. This provides moisture to the nail beds and makes it easier for nutrients to reach your nails and strengthen them. Massaging your nails and cuticles often can stimulate growth and make your nail beds stronger. Getting a manicure every two weeks can be helpful as well. This ensures that your polish is removed regularly and doesn’t weaken or discolor your nails.

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