Hair Color To Look Younger

As women age, we start to think about how we can look younger. Many find themselves buying the latest anti-aging skincare products shown on TV. What we do not know is that the color of our hair has a lot to do with how we look. As you treat your skin with the newest anti-aging serums and masks you may not realize that your dull, lifeless hair or the color is what is making you look older.

As we age and our cell renewal slows down our complexion changes. It becomes paler and duller. At the age of 40, the color of your hair may not be the perfect color for you as it was when you were younger. Depending on your “now” complexion the hair color you choose can make your face look washed out, it can accentuate dark circles and wrinkles or it can give you a radiant younger look.

Before you decide which hair color adjustments to make to take years off your face, you must know what color is best for you by identifying your skin tone. Set up an appointment with your hair salon specialist to discuss the best color for your complexion. An experienced hair colorist will know that the right hair shade will reflect light onto your face giving you a radiant glow. The natural flush of your cheeks can be enhanced instead of looking sunken, while your overall appearance can be softened, making you look years younger.

Below we list a few of the best hair colors for women over 40, the simple hair color adjustments that can take years off of your face and make you look years younger.


Lighten up with a variety of chocolatey colors or caramel highlights. These colors can help to warm and soften facial features. Make sure you stay away from the cool brown tones.


As we age and premature gray starts, blonde hair can start to look ashy which will age your complexion. Stay away from cool, ashy tones. Add a golden melon or a strawberry blonde tone for a warm youthful glow. You can combine different tones such as a hint of red and deep brown. This will create an even warmer effect. A darker base with the blonde highlights works well.

Red Heads

Red can be harsh. Add warmth and youthfulness by toning down the red color. Remember not to stay with a monotone color. It’s too serious and stark. Warmth is the key to looking younger.

Black Hair

The big question has always been with women over 40, “does black hair make me look younger or older?” The darker hair will definitely change the appearance of your skin. It will accentuate wrinkles and creases making you look older. We recommend going a shade lighter with a subtle contrast, but definitely no blue tone. Again, warmth is key!

For a total youthful make-over, we recommend balayage highlights, one of the biggest trends today. It is a free hand coloring technique that has the effect of looking sun-kissed and will grow out without a demarcation line. Balayage in warm tones definitely will take years off of your face.

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