Frame Your Face Perfectly With Eyebrow Sculpting

Your eyebrows are an important part of your look. To get the best brows, you may want to consider eyebrow sculpting. Sculpting shapes eyebrows based on several brow shapes that frame your face nicely.

Eyebrow sculpting is great if you have naturally thin or sparse brows. The sculpting helps to make your brows look healthier and fuller. Sculpting is also a more suitable solution for people who have considered eyebrow tattooing. Tattooing is a permanent solution that may work well for a while. However, over time, the tattoo can become discolored.

What Exactly is Eyebrow Sculpting?

For eyebrow sculpting, a gel or body paint is applied to your brow area. The gel has a texture to it to fill in certain areas of the brows. The substance looks like eyebrow hair when blended with your brows and keeps you from filling in your brows daily. After your brows are tweezed and trimmed, the gel is applied to give you the desired shape.

Eyebrow sculpting is a semi-permanent procedure. The body paint will fade after a few weeks. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, you can work with a beauty professional to alter your brow shape.

Keep in mind that eyebrow sculpting is not the same as eyebrow tinting. Eyebrow tinting is essentially dyeing your eyebrow hair. A dyeing solution is applied to the tail, arch and inner corner of your brows. The dye sits on the brows for up to two minutes and then it is removed with a cotton swab.

Tinting works well if you’ve drastically changed your hair color and want your brows to coordinate with your coif. If your eyebrows are already thick, tinting them could help to update your look. Tinting is best if you want your eyebrows to look darker. However, if you want your eyebrows to have more texture, eyebrow sculpting is the best choice.

Eyebrow Sculpting Based on Shape

There are different shapes of brows that look best on different faces. For instance, if your face is round, your brows should be pointy and have a defined arch. If your face has an oval shape, your brows should be softer and more horizontal. Of course, everyone’s exact face shape is different. So, your brows will need to be pointier or rounder based on your eye position.

How Long Will the Process Take?

Eyebrow sculpting usually takes about 30 minutes. However, the process could take a little longer if your brows need to be fuller or shaped more precisely. Talk with your brow specialist about how to care for your brows after the procedure. You’ll get helpful tips about how to make the sculpting last longer. Once you see the difference eyebrow sculpting makes, you may want to make regular touch-up appointments. These appointments will ensure that your brows always look their best.

Additional Procedures

If you want a more intense look after getting your eyebrows sculpted, you can ask your beauty specialist about eyebrow extensions. You can have extensions added to the sculpting to make your brows look naturally fuller.

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