If you have been feeling tired, achy, or itchy lately it may be due to a lack of biotin. This water-soluble vitamin also is known as B7 is extremely important for your overall health for a number of reasons. Listed below are just a few benefits that will make you want to stay up to date on your biotin intake:

Healthy Hair

Biotin is well known for promoting healthy, strong hair and it also aids in hair’s growing process. Because of this, buying shampoo that is packed with an ample dose of biotin is recommended.

Healthy Skin

Let’s face it. No one likes their skin to look dry or even red, Use lotions and moisturizers containing plenty of biotin in them. This wonderful vitamin can help lock in moisture and prevent dry skin and irritation.

Healthy Heart

You may not realize it but B7 helps to fight symptoms of heart disease. Keep up with vitamin B7 and your heart will be thankful.

Strong Immune System

B7 plays a key role in the development of white blood cells, which help keep your immune system running smoothly, Avoid trips to the doctor’s office by making sure you keep up with your biotin consumption.

Strong Nails

Taking biotin supplements helps to keep nails strong resulting in less chipping and breakage.

More Energy

After you consume certain foods, you need biotin to be present in order to break the food down and convert it into energy. Because of this, if you are lacking in biotin, your body will often feel tired and sluggish. Keep up with your biotin intake to ensure you have enough energy to make it through the day without turning to a dozen cups of coffee.

Muscle Strength

After a hard work out, biotin helps to ensure that the muscles that were broken down get rebuilt, and without it, the body often experiences several aches and pains. So unless you want a long painful recovery after you work out, make sure to take a healthy dose of biotin.

Reduce Memory Loss

Another great benefit of biotin is that it helps improve cognitive function, which can come in handy if you are a forgetful individual. Biotin also helps to counteract the symptoms brought on by Alzheimer’s and dementia.

If you aren’t really into supplements and want to find natural ways to increase your B7 levels without simply taking a vitamin, you can eat foods like avocados, salmon, eggs, cheese, and whole grain bread. All of these are excellent sources of biotin.

Although it can be difficult to take vitamins regularly, maintaining a healthy amount of B7 in your diet will be a decision you won’t regret. With so many benefits, including healthy hair, skin, and nails, taking biotin is definitely a key to unlocking a better way of life.

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