The New Year is often the best time to change up your look. If you want to start the year with a makeover, there are a few 2019 haircut trends to keep in mind. If you’re in or near the Hudson River area, Blu Salon can help you narrow down your style options. To see what new hairstyle 2019 has to offer, take a look at some of these suggestions as to what the top trending hairstyles and haircuts for women in 2019 are. 


Pixie cuts are one of the short haircut trends gracing the runways this year. This is a stylish go-to if you’re into short hair and/or want to make a drastic change to your look. Of course, the look will also be seen in work and school environments, and pretty much anywhere stylish women are. Celebrities like Kate Hudson made the look even more popular. Hudson, who changes up her style often, cut her hair into a buzz cut and let it grow into a pixie. This cut has lots of layers and can be slicked down or worn spiky. Adding highlights to the style also helps to frame the face and give the cut more dimensions.

Pixie Hairstyle 2019

Layered Hairstyles

Layers are a style you can wear regardless of your hair length. Whether you have long hair and want to keep the length or want to add more character to your bob, layers can instantly update your style. You can even cut layers into short haircuts or styles that feature long bangs with shaved or tapered sides. Layers add more definition to the hair, make bangs more defined, and can even bring more attention to color or highlights.

Layered Hairstyle 2019

Textured Bob

If celebrities like Dua Lipa serve as your style inspiration, you may want to try the layered, textured bob this year. The layers frame your face and instantly make the style more interesting. You can use a flat iron or large barrel curling iron to define the layers and create soft waves for a daytime look. Or, tease the layers and make the waves more defined if you’re going out at night. These bobs can be cut with a side or middle part, depending on your face shape and style goals.

Bob Haircut 2019

Waterfall Haircut

The waterfall haircut is another style trend to look out for in 2019. Layers are cut into the hair to give the illusion of flowing water. This style looks great on long hair and is a great solution if you want to add more texture to your long tresses. Waterfall braids are also in style. The hair can be braided around the crown of the head or straight down in a loose pattern that resembles water.

Waterfall Hairstyle 2019 with Braids

Carefree Bangs

Bangs that have loose layers and fall loosely over the forehead are on trend for 2019. Blunt bangs are a thing of the past (for now). It’s fashionable to wear bangs that are low-maintenance with long or short hairstyles. It’s also on trend to wear bangs that fall just above the eyebrows. This allows the bangs to be swept to one side or worn parted in the middle.

Carefree Bangs 2019

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If you would like to learn more about the best hairstyles and haircuts for women in 2019 we are here to help you and answer any of your questions.

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